NXT TakeOver: Dallas – Recap


NXT Tag Titles: Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder vs Jason Jordan and Chad Gable

This should be great. Gable and Dawson start and the fans are going nuts for Gable. Dawson slaps him in the face. They exchange holds and Gable goes for an early roll-up. Gable taps Dawson on the face and all four men face off. Dawson grabs Gable in a key-lock but then takes an armdrag. Jordan tags in and hits a big dropkick and the fans go nuts for Jordan. Wilder causes a distraction and Dawson goes after Jordan’s eyes. Jordan hits a double clothesline on both opponents and then Jordan and Gable both do backdrops. Jordan and Gable work Wilder’s arm. Dawson tags in and chops Gable and then takes him to the top rope. Gable fights out with elbows and then does an O’Connor roll followed by a crossbody. Gable throws some armdrags and a dropkick. Dawson and Wilder go for a double suplex on Gable but Jordan catches him. Jordan and Gable both hit dropkicks and then do stereo German suplexes. All four men brawl on the floor and then retun to the ring where Gable gives Dawson an atomic drop. Wilder tags in and Gable chases him outside where Wilder hits him with a clothesline. Wilder rolls Gable inside and hits a back elbow. Wilder and Dawson double-team Gable and then Wilder applies a cobra clutch. Gable tries to roll out but Wilder hangs on and prevents a tag. Wilder tags in and puts Gable in a Gory Special. Gable rolls him up and tries for a tag but is caught by Dawson and Wilder. Gable gives them both a DDT and goes for a DDT but Wilder pulls Jordan off the ring. Dawson and Wilder do a combination powerbomb/top rope clothesline and the referee won’t count Wilder’s pin as he isn’t the legal man. Dawson works over Gable and chops him. Wilder tags in and charges Gable in the corner but Gable moves. Dawson tags and prevents the tag briefly but Jordan tags in and hits a dropkick. Jordan throws Wilder and gives Dawson a t-bone suplex. He spears Wilder in the corner and gives Dawson another t-bone. Jordan takes Dawson to the top rope and goes for a suplex but Wilder holds Dawson and Jordan falls to the mat. Dawson goes for a pin with Wilder holding his feet on the ropes but Jordan kicks out. Jordan does an O’Connor roll but Dawson kicks him into an uppercut by Wilder. Dawson does a cover but Gable makes the save. Wilder throws Gable to the floor. Jordan does a sunset flip on Dawson while Gable dropkicks Wilder to the floor. Jordan gives Dawson an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Jordan charges Dawson but Wilder pulls him out of the way. Dawson schoolboys Gable and they trade roll-ups. Dawson goes for a slam and Gable small packages him and continues with more roll-ups. Jordan makes a blind tag and spears Dawson in the corner. Jordan and Gable hit their Grand Amplitude double back suplex finisher and Gable gets the pin. American Alpha wins the tile in a great match. I really hope we get to see them vs Shane Haste and Mikey Nicholls.

Jim Ross and Michelle Beadle are shown in the front row followed by Kota Ibushi with Funaki. Corey Graves talks about the Global Cruiserweight Series coming up. Bayley is then shown backstage with fans while Asuka is shown throwing kicks at NXT striking coach Seth Petruzelli.

Austin Aries vs Baron Corbin

It still makes me giddy to see Aries in WWE rings. The size difference between these two isn’t as much as I expected. Aries goes after Corbin with kicks. Corbin throws him into the corner but Aries keeps up the kicks. Aries dropkicks Corbin in the knee and then takes his back and elbows the back of his head. Corbin tries to throw Aries outside but Aries stays in and hits a spinning elbow. Corbin goes to the floor and Aries hits an axehandle off the top rope. Aries beats Corbin around ringside. They go back inside and Corbin guillotines Aries on the top rope. Corbin stomps on Aries and chokes him on the bottom rope. Corbin throws Aries under the bottom rope shoulder-first into the ringpost. Corbin puts a nervehold on Aries and keeps it for a while. Aries rolls Corbin off him but Corbin hits him with knees and elbows in the corner. Corbin yells for them to ring the bell. I will say that Corbin is much easier to keep up with when recapping than Ricochet or Will Ospreay. Aries fights back with elbows and they trade chops. Aries hits a flying elbow and knees Corbin in the spine. Aries ties him up in the ropes and gives him a double axehandle and then a neckbreaker. Aries hits a missile dropkick followed by a corner dropkick. Corbin rolls outside and Aries hits a tope suicida. Aries charges Corbin outside and Corbin gives him a deep six on the floor. Aries just beats the ten-count and eggs Corbin on. Corbin hits him with elbows and goes for the End of Days. Aries avoids and gets an O’Connor Roll for the pinfall win. Aries was really great to watch here and was wrestling with some hints toward Randy Savage without being impersonation. Corbin wasn’t as good but is size made for a good contrast.

Scott Hall and X-Pac are shown in the crowd.

Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura

The fact that matches like this are happening in WWE makes you feel like pinching yourself to make sure it’s real. It’s weird as I saw El Generico live in ROH against Marufuji, Ibushi and Nakajima. The fans are singing to Sami’s music and give him and Nakamura great reactions. Nakamura makes an awesome entrance and we get duelling chants. Nakamura does some taunting early on and then hits a knee to Zayn’s gut. Zayn avoids a big kick. They trade wristlocks and Zayn starts hitting armdrags. Nakamura hits some standing knee and a big kneedrop. Nakamura grabs an armbar. Zayn fights out with a back elbow but takes more big kicks. Nakamura hits a big spin-kick to the head. Zayn hits a vertical suplex and then throws some chops and elbows. Zayn hits a leg lariat and they trade elbows, with Zayn knocking Nakamura off the top rope to the floor. Nakamura gets to the apron and kicks Zayn in the head. Nakamura hits Zayn with knees to the head. Zayn avoids a charging Nakamura in the corner but Nakamura hits him with more knees. Nakamura goes for a back suplex but Zayn floats over and manages to throw Nakamura to the floor. Zayn hits a tope con giro, then throws Nakamura inside and hits him with a crossbody off the top. Zayn lifts Nakamura for a vertical suplex but takes a knee to the head. Nakamura hits him with knees on the mat. Zayn manages to give Nakamura a Michinoku Driver. They trade a ton of elbows.  Nakamura gets busted open and they keep trading elbows. I hope Vince McMahon is doing ok watching this as the elbows are becoming akin to Kobashi and Sasaki trading chops. Nakamura finally wears down Zayn and hits him with knees on the ropes and starts kicking him in the head. The referee cleans up Nakamura and the fans are chanting “King of Strong Style”. Zayn hits Nakamura with a clothesline that flips him in the air. Zayn hits another clothesline but Nakamura fights back and rolls him into an armbar. Nakamura fights for a cross armbreaker and then gets Zayn in a triangle choke. Zayn stands up and starts kicking him in the head and then continues to kick him on the ropes. Nakamura punches him in the face and Zayn rolls him into a Koji Clutch. Nakamura gets out and hits a step-up enzuiguri. The fans chant “fight forever”. Nakamura tries for a suplex but Zayn elbows him off. Nakamura hits a one-legged dropkick. Zayn misses a yakuza kick in the corner. Nakamura hits an exploder and Zayn hits a blue thunder bomb for a near-fall. They go outside and Zayn goes for his DDT through the turnbuckles but Nakamura kicks him in the head. Zayn rolls inside and Nakamura goes to the top rope. Zayn meets him and attempts a superplex but Nakamura headbutts him off. Nakamura charges Zayn who tries an exploder but Nakamura hits him with elbows to the neck. Nakamura jumps off the top rope with a knee to the back of Zayn’s head. Nakamura then hits his Kinshasa kick to get the pinfall win. This is my Match Of The Year so far as it was incredible. Nakamura goes for a handshake and they end up hugging. Zayn gets a standing ovation. It still doesn’t seem real that this stuff is being promoted by WWE.

NXT Women’s Title: Bayley vs Asuka

The video package for this is great. This is the second match in a row with a classic babyface vs a Japanese import. Stephanie McMahon is shown in the crowd. It’s hard to imagine following that last match but this crowd is making it feel possible. Asuka throws a kick to start that Bayley avoids. They lock up and the fans are chanting “Bayley’s gonna hug you” and “Asuka’s gonna kill you”. Asuka punches Bayley in the face. Bayley avoids another kick but takes a shoulderblock. Bayley misses an elbow drop and Asuka misses a kick and we have a stalemate. Asuka connects with leg-kicks and Bayley hits an elbow. Asuka hits a forearm and then a hip attack. Asuka kicks Bayley in the head. Bayley avoids Asuka’s charge and then hits a flying elbow off the top. Bayley hits an elbow in the corner and then a crossbody off the top. Bayley drops a knee to Asuka’s head but Asuka grabs a Fujiwara armbar. Asuka hits kicks in the corner but Bayley grbas her and hangs her in the tree of woe and drops an elbow. Bayley places Asuka on the top rope and hits an elbow followed by a hurracanrana. Bayley applies a guillotine choke but Asuka fights out and grabs an ankle-lock. Bayley rolls Asuka to the outside and while selling the knee she jumps through and does a flying headscissors on the floor. Bayley rolls Asuka inside for a pin attempt. Bayley is limping as she throws elbows and Asuka fires up. Asuka hits a dropkick and starts throwing kicks. Bayley whips Asuka into the corner and Asuka jumps to the second rope and hits a dropkick. Asuka continues with kicks and Bayley hits an ebow but takes a kick to the head. Asuka gives her a knee to the head. Bayley does a roll-up but takes more strikes to the head. Bayley hits a belly-to-back suplex. Bayley tries for control but Asuka hits a spinning enzuiguri. They’re both on the mat but get to their feet. They both throw dropkicks and miss. They trade strikes and Bayley gets Asuka in the knee-bar. Bayley continues to work both knees of Asuka and hits two dragon-screw leg-whips. Bayley charges Asuka who catches her in the armbar. Bayley does a roll-up and avoids kicks from Asuka for another roll-up. Asuka goes for the Asuka-lock (chicken wing). Bayley applies a version of the Rings of Saturn.  Bayley goes for a Bayley-to-Belly but Asuka fights her off. Asuka hits a leg lariat and suplex and applies a cross armbreaker. Asuka goes for the Asuka-Lock but Bayley fights her off. Asuka manages to sink in the Asuka-Lock. Bayley keeps trying to fight out but she passes out. Asuka gets the win by referee stoppage and becomes the NXT Women’s Champion. This was also an awesome match, not quite as good as Nakamura vs Zayn but better than most other matches.

After the video package for Joe vs Balor, Bobby Roode is shown in the crowd and the fans go nuts.

NXT Title: Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe

Balor comes out in demon garb with a chainsaw. Joe charges to start and they trade strikes. Joe throws Balor outside twice and Balor keeps fighting back ad he busts open Joe. Balor throws Joe to the outside and hits a tope con giro. Joe is bleeding a lot. Joe throws Balor into the crowd. The referee (the former Drake Younger) tries to clean Joe up but he refuses. Balor jumps off the ring barricade and hits Joe with a forearm. They’re back in the ring and they trade strikes again. Joe starts unloading punches. Balor jumps out of the way of a charge but Joe knocks him to the floor with an enzuiguri. Joe hits a crazy tope suicida. Officials are trying to check Joe’s cut and the fans boo. Joe throws Balor inside and Joe is forced to allow the medical team to check his cut. Joe returns to the ring and Balor hits him with forearms but Joe gives him an STO. Joe continues to bleed as he applies a surfboard. Balor fights back and hits a kick to the gut. Joe hits an elbow and an enzuiguri in the corner. The officials are checking Joe again and the fans are booing again. Balor hits forearms but Joe hits a back elbow. Joe stars throwing punches and chops in the corner. Joe paintbrushes Balor with kicks in the corner. Joe puts Balor on the ropes and Balor throws elbows. Balor jumps and gets caught in an inverted atomic drop. Joe kicks and chops him and drops a knee on his head. Balor fights back but Joe does some Kawada kicks. Balor throws a big dropkick. The medical staff check Joe’s cut again. Balor throws a series of forearms and then chops Joe from corner to corner. Balor knocks Joe to the floor with an enzuiguri and hits a baseball slide dropkick. Balor goes to the apron and hits Joe with a running kick. Balor charges for a slingblade but Joe hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Joe hits elbows in the corner and foes for a running kick but Balor hits a slingblade. Balor goes for a dropkick but Joe knocks him down and hits a senton. Joe gives Balor a powerbomb into a Boston Crab into a crossface. Balor struggles out and gives Joe a double stomp. Balor does another slingblade and then a shotgun dropkick. Balor goes up top but Joe knocks him down. Joe hits an enzuiguri and then nails Balor with a muscle buster. Joe charges and takes an elbow. They trade stirkes and Balor hits a Pele kick. They’re down on their mat and when they get to their feet Balor hits a slingblad. Balor goes up top and does a double stomp. Joe grabs Balor in a Kokina clutch. Balor kicks back off the turnbuckle and rolls over to get the pin. This was another crazy match and the referee stoppages actually added to the atmosphere and psychology for me.

This was a blow-away show with some amazing and incredible matches. Corbin vs Aries was the worst match and would probably be the best match on a lot of shows. Anyone who didn’t watch has to go out of their way to watch the whole show. It will be hard for anything to top this show this weekend but I intend to have fun watching everyone try.