NWA Crock & Roll Special: September 1985 SuperMatches

On episode 6 of NWA Crock and Roll, Matt Souza (Piece of the Action, Highway to the Impact Zone, Jenny and the Gems) joins the boys for a special bonus Christmas episode as they look at 9 matches from Battle of the Belts 1 from Florida, WWC 5 year Anniversary from Puerto Rico and SuperClash 1 from Chicago, all from September 85! They open with some discussion on the passing of Pat Patterson then dive in. 3 Road Warriors matches against some legendary opponents and tag teams , 3 Ric Flair Title defenses, including a fantastic one with Magnum TA we have waited 5 months for, one against a man with a pin fall win over Randy Savage earlier in the same year and one that causes controversy as Calum almost gets a pink slip for the holidays. They also watch maybe the worst match they will ever see on this pod,Dr. G’s memories of Billy Jack Haynes, a Six Man Title match with the Russians vs a team they had about ten names for (Team Cocoon?), Flair trying to get killed in Puerto Rico, terrible Larry Nelson and Mike Graham’s commentary and so much more. Enjoy this episode for Christmas, then the regular September 85 watch drops on 12/30!

Twitter Accounts: @NWACrockandRoll @DrGPTB @Calum7McDougall @msouza1991

Watch List: All three events are available on You Tube!