NWA Crock & Roll #8: October 1985, Part 1

On episode 8 of the now bi-weekly NWA Crock and Roll: October 85 Part 1, the boys are joined by Logan Crosland (Highway to the Impact Zone; Wrestling’s Chicken Salad) to discuss October 5-19 1985 Crockett. After getting to know Logan a bit and his lack of Crockettdem experience they discuss: a good angle involving Jimmy Valiant (what?) and the return of his hooker Big Momma that Mama Cornette is upset with, a new, boring National Champion, Tully’s all time fashion choice, going on vacation for 30 days and moving on from Magnum, Arn wanting Dusty’s TV Title, stealing it and angering David Crockett, Flair defending his title vs. Butch Reed in Mid South, another Flair title defense in a cage against Nikita Koloff that sets off an incredible chain of events, wrestling realism, Doctor Hiswani and Doctor David Crockett, Dusty on crutches, Dusty falling on crutches while Tony Schiavone no sells it, Paul Jones angry at Superstar Billy Hogan, Starrcade announcements with Roger Kent, cool finish to a World Tag Team Title change, a pretty good US Title match with Tully vs. Bass and a cool post match beating involving Black Bart! (What?) and more as the official build to Starrcade 85 begins!

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