NWA Crock & Roll #7: September 1985

On episode 7 of NWA Crock and Roll the boys are joined by Jacob Williams (The Ruthlessly Aggressive Podcast, PTBNXT, Highway to the Impact Zone) to look at all things September 85! They discuss the many tag teams of NWA 85, making all wrestlers and titles matter in promos, Magnum coming into his own and a video with him you have to see to believe, booking foreshadowing of Dusty and Flair, Dusty partying with Bette Midler and Waylon Jennings, Flair dropping the “kiss stealing” promo for the first time, Tully’s heel traits and why you want to punch him, Andersons coming after “Human Broomstick” Sam Houston again and lines in their promos that make you remember them, a very uncomfortable Jim Cornette promo, terrible use of the Midnight Express getting stuck with Jimmy Valiant and..Rocky King??? Rock n Roll Express and Russians headed for chain matches, a National Tag Title Match, a Junior Heavyweight Title match, Gary Royal’s hair, Baby Doll faces and so much more!

**Reminder in January we start going Bi weekly vs. Monthly**

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