NWA Crock & Roll #44: 1985 Pre-Crockett Match Year Spotlight

On episode 44 of NWA Crock and Roll, the boys pause before going head first into May 86 with a new bridge episode concept that will take place after each monthly watch called Pre Crockett Match Year Spotlight. The concept: 6 matches featuring Crockett stars from a wrestling year prior to the Crockett era starting in April 85 or prior to them becoming a part of Jim Crockett Promotions. This episode looks at 1985 and matches with some historical context that set up the Crockett era.

Included; Flair vs. Gordy for World Title, Road Warriors vs. The High Flyers for AWA Tag Titles, Rock and Roll Express vs. The Freebirds, Buzz Tyler vs. Tully Blanchard for TV Title, Wahoo vs. TA in a cage for US Title that one person gives a shocking rating and close with a match with The Russians vs. Don Kernodle and…Ricky Steamboat?? This was a fun one! All matches discussed can be found on You Tube!