NWA Crock & Roll #43: April 1986, Part 4

On an angle heavy episode 43 of NWA Crock and Roll, Shawn, The Doctor and Shiff (Calum saw a Wahoo match was scheduled to open the show and conveniently couldn’t make it


¬†) close out April ’86. Topics discussed include; a total reset after Crockett Cup setting up the next few months, two amazing all time angles with Flair/Morton and Americas Team/The Midnight Express with Jim Cornette, a Dusty promo that rivals Hard Times, a hidden gem match from Mid Atlantic, The Road Warriors not being able to read, write or know what match they are having or when, the greatest Saturday night show ever up to this point and close with the Territory¬†Spotlight segment going to Japan featuring another hidden gem match between Ted Dibiase taking on Tenryu.