NWA Crock & Roll #40: 1986 Crockett Cup, Part 1

On this episode of NWA Crock and Roll it’s a 3-man booth as we celebrate the Big 4-0! It’s April 86 part 4 with round 1 of Crockett Cup ’86! After a quick synopsis of the event the team briefly recap 5 first round matches, then go deeper on full match watches on last 3 matches of round one. Did Fantastics vs. Fabulous Ones deliver? Koko B. Ware and Italian Stallion as a team? How good are Sawyer and Steiner together? How bad are the other Sawyer and DJ Peterson together? How the hell did Jimmy Garvin get stuck with Black Bart, causing one member of the crew to black out after ranting about their match. All this and the debut of a new segment at the end of the show that takes us to the night after Crockett Cup to the AWA and WrestleRock 1986 with a match featuring Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo against a team that’s in the Cup!