NWA Crock & Roll #18: Before They Were Crockett, Part 4

On episode 18 of NWA Crock & Roll, the boys are joined by Matt Souza for the final part of the “Before They Were Crockett Series”. Matches include a 4 star Abdullah match from Japan for some (What?), a disappointing Midnight Express match from Dallas, Barbarian in Memphis, Calum’s new favorite Wahoo match in Mid Atlantic, Buddy Landell in Houston, Ron Bass & Black Bart in Florida and a final match that is a fascinating museum relic of a find involving JJ Dillon in Michigan from the 60s! (Link to some history of the match attached).

They close out the show talking about what’s in store for July shows as they continue the journey to September to get back to December 85! 29 Matches watched! What was the best match, what was the worst?

All matches can be found on You Tube uploaded at following link