NWA Crock & Roll #17: Before They Were Crockett, Part 3

On episode 17 of NWA Crock And Roll the boys are joined by Matt Souza for part 3 of their “Before They Were Crockett Series”. Wrestlers looked at include Buzz Tyler, Buzz Sawyer, Dusty Rhodes, Dick Slater, Billy Jack Haynes, Ric Flair, two of Matt’s Favorites, Jimmy Valiant and Paul Jones in matches that involve The Briscoes, Roddy Piper, Jay Strongbow, “Beefy” Ted Dibiase, Johnny Weaver, Mike Rotundo, Tito Santana, Nick Bockwinkel & more. From Portland to Houston to New York to Canada this show has it all, including some 2-3 star gems, shocking outcomes and the worst 15:50 minute abomination of a match in the history of this pod and maybe wrestling. 

All matches can be found on You Tube and will be uploaded at following link