NWA Crock & Roll #14: Starrcade 1985

On episode 14 of NWA Crock & Roll the boys are joined by the real “Podfather” Scott Criscuolo to talk Starrcade 85! Before they talk about the event they make an announcement about the future of the show, then jump in and discuss awkward Johnny Weaver, the multi month build to the main matches, the “real” greatest NWA/WCW match of all time, Wahoo continuing to disappoint even in a good match, another worst match ever we have watched on this show, is the main event the Dusty/Flair match that’s been missing, a fun tag title match, a complete waste of the Midnight Express and Ron Garvin, why we nickname the show Starrblade, final thoughts on what feels like the season finale of the last 8 months of the pod and more!

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