Neil’s Mix-A-Six: WrestleMania Beers

As we approach WrestleMania 35 this weekend in New York and New Jersey, I thought it was appropriate to come up with a list of beers to drink outside the stadium during your tailgate, pre or post NXT, Hall of Fame, Raw, MSG, etc, or even just at your house while enjoying the festivities from the comfort of your sofa. The following list is scheduled for six beers with no time limit…

Bells Hop Slam: A widely released pale ale from Michigan’s Bells Brewery, Hop Slam comes in a tailgate-ready can and has “slam” right there in the title. Thus it is perfect for “slamming” prior to watching men and women “slam” each other throughout the roughly 17 hour WrestleMania show. Oh and it’s a really great beer too!

Saucony Creek Hop Suplex Imperial IPA: Harder to find and harsher on the palate comes this Pennsylvania offering in an epic awesome bottle. The label features a cartoon hop Macho Man Randy Savage dropping an elbow on a cartoon hop Ultimate Warrior. Impossible to pass up and a perfect bottle to keep an empty on display in the man cave.


El Segundo Steve Austin’s Broken Skull IPA: Not easy to find on the East Coast, so it could be a hard one to drink at your MetLife Stadium tailgate but it would be perfect for WWE Network viewing in El Segundo’s area. (That would be Texas, obviously.) This IPA was brewed specifically for Stone Cold Steve Austin and is named after his Broken Skull Ranch.

Magnify Brewing Low Visibility Pale Ale: From just up the road from MetLife Stadium, comes this easy drinking and tailgate ready pale ale. Stop by on your way to the stadium and stock up!

Brooklyn Brown Ale: From the same borough as NXT and Axxess (and Raw…and Smackdown) comes this excellent and smooth brown ale. It isn’t 100% nutty malts however, like most Brooklyn beer there is a solid bite to it as well, but it’s definitely a solid choice for anyone who was a bit overwhelmed by all the hops on this list so far. Plus if you’re in town for Mania weekend, this is a really fun brewery to stop by!

Guinness Draught: We’ll conclude this list with an obvious choice for this year’s Mania festivities. Considering the focal point of the main event match and feud, not to mention the most popular Superstar at the current moment on the roster, make sure to toss back a few of Ireland’s finest in honor of THE MAN Becky Lynch.

With that, we wrap up our Wrestlemania edition of Mix-A-Six. Fill up the cooler bags, don’t forget the koozies, and I’ll see you in the parking lot at MetLife Stadium! And that’s the bottom line…

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