Mike’s NXT Recap 7/31/13

Sasha Banks, photo credit: wwe.com

The show starts with Enzo Amore and Big Cas. They finally let Cas talk and he basically imitates Amore, before singing in the ring, while Enzo dances. This brings out Tons of Funk, sans Funkadactyls. As the Tons dance, Cas and Enzo decide they’re not wrestling, until Mason Ryan chases them back into the ring. Funk beat them up, then hit the Double Splash on Cas. Ryan then enters the ring and hits a camel clutch slam on Enzo. Tons invite Mason into the ring to dance. No actual match. But you do get Mason Ryan dancing, if that’s your thing.

Dusty Rhodes is backstage with the new Women’s Champion Paige as well as Emma. Dusty puts over their match from last week, before Summer Rae interrupts. She asks for the title to be handed over, while Paige threatens to break her face. Emma mocks Summer’s dancing, so Summer responds by challenging her to a dance battle. Paige gets sick of the frivolity and tells them all to shut up before walking off.


Trade holds until a dropkick by Banks. She takes it back down to the mat, before going for a clothesline… Charlotte does a split to avoid it, and then rolls up Banks into her “Charlotte’s Web” for a two. Banks hits a big double knee in the corner, but Charlotte takes advantage, and hits a neckbreaker for the win.

Renee Young is backstage with Tyler Breeze. The crowd shouts over him, including some SAWFTS, while Breeze talks about how gorgeous he is. CJ Parker video-bombs the interview, using one of his dreadlocks as a mustache. Breeze then walks away, making Young announce that he’s left the building.

A Wyatt Family video plays, with Bray speaking the nursery rhyme Mary Had a Little Lamb, with lots of shots of Rowan in the sheep mask.


The crowd, for good reason, was really into the Family. Huge chants of “Wyatt”. They squash Keegan and English quickly, with Harper’s spinning clothesline leading into a splash by Rowan for the win. After the match, Bray gives English a Sister Abigail, while the crowd chants “One More Time” and Bray cracks a smile over the love. Wyatt talks about the types of men in the world, men who dream but never get off the couch, people that dream but fail, and people that dream but change the world, like Bray Wyatt. Today is the day that pigs fly, that hell froze. World leaders should heed his warning and take notice of Bray Wyatt because he’s bringing down the machine. LOUD “Bring it down” chants. They leave NXT today, but he’s not hard to find, they just need to follow the buzzards. He then sings a bar of “Time is On My Side” and leaves.

Graves and Neville are backstage, and Neville promises to be ringside with him during his singles match tonight, because of the Wyatt Family. I guess they missed the memo that the Wyatts are leaving.


LeFort again cuts a promo before the match. Regal keeps comparing Dawson to Arn Anderson, but Dawson sucks. Dawson controls the match until Graves clips his knee and locks on the Lucky 13 submission for the win. As Neville and Graves are in the ring, the Shield’s theme hits. They’re back in NXT. The last time they were in NXT, they left Corey Graves lying. Rollins congratulates him on his tag team title, and then compares it to his own with Reigns. Ambrose calls Neville a crook for taking Ohno’s spot that he didn’t earn to be a champion, and that’s an injustice. Ambrose challenges him one on one, Neville dares him to put the US Title on the line, and for the match to be right now. Ambrose calls him a chump, calls himself the most important singles champion in this industry, and says he’ll do it… next week. Neville promises to destroy the Shield piece by piece, brick by brick… wasn’t this their unsuccessful strategy with the Wyatt Family, too?


Everybody in the match except Dallas got a pop, who got “No Mo Bo” chants. Cesaro and Kruger use their half of the ring to control Sami Zayn. Zayn fights back against Kruger, gets a sunset flip, and almost gets the tag before he gets drug across the ring by Leo. Cesaro was able to counter Zayn’s attempt at a headscissors with a really stiff looking powerbomb that only got two. After a big boot by Zayn onto Cesaro, Antonio tagged Kruger while Zayn tried to make the tag. After getting caught close, Zayn was able to roll through and get the hot tag to Dallas. After a bulldog by Bo, it soon broke down, as Zayn and Cesaro brawled to the back, leaving Dallas and Kruger together in the ring. Dallas hit a big powerslam, but Kruger was able to counter a charge in the corner with a knee to the face, and then hit The Slice for the win!

Overall, while it wasn’t a bad show, and obviously had it’s moments, but it just never reached the peaks of some of the previous weeks.