Mike’s NXT Recap 6/26/13

Leo Kruger, photo credit: wwe.com


English gets the jobber entrance, and Big E. looks mad as hell. English tries to use his speed to mock Langston, but Langston runs him over, the straps come down, and hits the Big Ending for the pin. The fans chant for more, and Langston abides, hitting another Big Ending and counting five… as Langston goes to leave, the fans chant AGAIN for “One More Time”, and Langston delivers.

TONIGHT – Graves and Ohno vs. D-Squared to decide the Number One Contenders to the Wyatt Family!

Renee Young is backstage with Emma, who’s wearing a custom-made Emmalution shirt and trying to pop some bubbles from a bubble gun she’s playing with. Emma’s asked her strategy, and her strategy is she’s going to win because she plans to take the Emmalution around the world. She then tells Renee she can’t have her bubbles, because they’re Emma’s bubbles, but then asks her to hold her bubbles because she has a match.


The crowd chants “Emma”, but this enrages the Lithuanian diva who throws her down by her hair. Aksana charges into the corner, but Emma ducks, slides out of the ring, and then comes in underneath and goes for a pin, but only gets a two. Aksana takes control, putting Emma on her back and trying to slam her hair into the mat, but Emma fights back and they’re rolling around the ring. Aksana hits a big clothesline, and then locks her in a headscissors, which she turns around and then uses her ass to drive Emma’s face into the mat. Aksana goes for a bodyslam, but Emma’s able to slip out, take Aksana down, and lock on the Dil-emma for the submission victory. I’m an Emma supporter, but this match did her no favors. Aksana’s just terrible. Afterwards, Emma dances in the ring with some kids.

The same Leo Kruger package from recent weeks aired again, but this time with a NEXT attached to it. So I’m guessing it’s the last time it will air.

This is the first time I’ve seen the WCW War Games DVD ad. That’s a great ad.


According to Regal, Kruger’s been in South Africa “taking care of some business”. Kruger takes the offensive, hitting a big knee lift and some chops in the corner, before rolling Dash into the center of the ring, and working on his arms via a hammerlock and a modified armbar. Kruger contines to attack the arms and shoulder, including running Dash into the post a pair of times. Kruger hits a vertical suplex with a hammerlock, and then hits the Slice, a running uppercut clothesline, before locking on the GC3, which an arm-based submission, getting the tapout win.

UP NEXT – Bo Dallas in action!

A vignette plays for The Ascencion. Connor O’Brian is… somewhere with a lot of blue. He says something about the hands of mercy. O’Brian’s not exactly Bray Wyatt when it comes to being able to be creepy and captivating. He ends it with “We” will rise again, followed by an evil laugh.


Dallas got more of a face reaction than he’s gotten in recent weeks. It’s noticable that Leo Kruger is still crouching at ringside, and stares at Bo when he makes his entrance. Dallas hits an atomic drop followed by an inverted atomic drop. A small “Keegan” chant starts as Keegan turns a side headlock into a back suplex. Dallas hits some running forearms, followed by a springboard bulldog, and then hits his powerslam/armdrag finisher for the win. After the match, Leo Kruger comes into the ring, gives Keegan a hammerlock suplex, hits the Slice, and then stares at Dallas. The crowd gives a fairly loud “Kruger” chant as Kruger shouts something in Afrikaans and rolls out of the ring.

UP NEXT – The Number One Contenders Tag Match.


Sylvester Lefort leads his team out, speaking French, and calls D-Squared the next NXT Tag Team Champions. It looks like they’ve dropped the BBQ sauce for Garrett Dylan, or maybe he just drank it all. Ohno and Graves double team Dawson, letting Dylan and Lefort’s inteference work against them. Dawson’s able to get Graves into his corner, where he and Dylan are able to trade tags and work Graves over. When they come back from break, Graves is still getting worked over. Graves hits a jawbreaker and is able to make the tag to Ohno, who comes in like a house of fire, and hits a dropkick to a prone Dawson followed by a suplex for a two. Dawson tags into Dylan, and they hit their Southern Pride finisher, but Graves is able to break the count. Garrett Dylan gets a deserved “You Can’t Wrestle”, even though Regal defends them. Sorry, Regal, I love you, but I can’t stand D-Squared. Ohno tries to make the tag while Dylan pulls him back. Ohno goes for a sunset flip, but Dylan’s able to stand up. Ohno finally makes the tag to Graves, who comes in with strikes aplenty for Dylan.¬†Graves ties Dylan up in the corner, hooking his legs into them like a figure four and then attacks. Dylan’s let out, but Graves hits a fireman’s carry into a gutbuster for a two. Ohno clears Dawson out of the ring, while Graves locks on his Lucky 13 finisher for the submission win!

Graves and Ohno can’t celebrate their win, as the Wyatt Family attacks them from behind, until Adrian Neville makes the save! Neville goes for his Skytwister Shooting Star Press¬†but Dawson tosses him off the top rope. Regal can’t stand any more, and Regal comes to the babyfaces’ aid! There’s a big four on five brawl, as the heels use their numbers advantage and gang up on Regal. The Family holds Regal up in the corner as Wyatt charges him and hits an avalanche. Wyatt drops to his knees to stare and laugh at Regal, helpless and hurt. After teasing leaving, Wyatt goes back to stomp Regal some more and yells at him to stay down.

Despite the pretty great implications of the end of the main event, this has to be the worst episode of NXT I’ve ever reviewed for you here at Place To Be Nation. The matches were either squash matches or bad, as people like Aksana and D-Squared really brought the show down.