Matt’s Lucha Underground Recap – 7/1/15


Lucha Underground
July 1, 2015
Los Angeles, CA
The Temple

The current Lucha Underground champs are as follows:
Lucha Underground Champion: Prince Puma (1/7/15)
Lucha Underground Trios Champions: Angelico, Ivelisse & Son of Havoc (4/22/15)
AAA Mega Champion: Alberto El Patron (12/7/14)

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Over in Dario Cueto’s office, Chavo Guerrero approaches El Jefe and looks to cash in on his final request. Chavo and the Crew handed over Black Lotus to Dario, now he wants a Lucha Underground title match with Prince Puma. At first Chavo just wants a no disqualification match, but Dario Cueto says he will give Chavo whatever he wants. With those sort of conditions, Chavo wants Cueto to do something about Konnan and his cane. Dario decides that if Konnan gets involved, Chavo will automatically win the Lucha Underground title. Chavo declares that his destiny will be fulfilled tonight. We shall see!


Your hosts are Matt Striker and Brother Vampiro.

  • Texano vs. DelAvar Daivari (w/Big Ryck)

I believe this is the first time Big Ryck has appeared in Daivari’s corner. Striker tells us that he is there to help Daivari get comfortable in Lucha Underground. This is booked like a “99% versus the 1%” type feud where Daivari is a privileged man while Texano came out of HARD TIMES to get to where he is today. They establish Big Ryck as Daivari’s hired muscle when Texano looks to beat him up on the floor. Texano roughs up Daivari all he wants inside the ring culminating in a hilo senton from the apron for two. Big Ryck grabs a leg so that Daivari can chopblock the knee. We get some knee work as Daivari builds to a figure-four. (WOO!) Texano reverses out, but retreats to the corner where Daivari kicks at the knee some more. Up in the corner, Texano avoids a hurracanrana and blasts Daivari with a missile dropkick. Chops are traded, but Texano nails Daivari with the Rough Ryder for two. Daivari fires back with YOU CAN’T POWERBOMB KIDMAN. That gets two. Big Ryck wraps Texano’s bull rope around his fist, but can’t connect with Texano’s face. Instead, Texano superkicks him off the apron and finishes off Daivari with the Batista Bomb. (6:09) Big Ryck is pissed, but he still got paid. Good little match. I don’t think this feud went far enough as I think it could have. **½

Meanwhile in the back, Konnan instructs Prince Puma on how well he knows Chavo Guerrero while Puma does some bench presses. This ain’t nothing but a thing. Just as he says that, the lights to start to flicker and Catrina shows up. She warns Puma that if he survives tonight, he will need all the strength he can muster to face Mil Muertes at Ultima Lucha. Speak of the devil, Mil Muertes appears and goes nose-to-nose with Prince Puma. Next thing we know, both Muertes and Catrina disappear. Konnan reminds Puma that it’s all just mind games and nothing more.

When we return from break, Konnan is seen talking to someone off-camera that it’s time they stood up for Mexico and settle the debt once and for all with Chavo Guerrero. Oh snap.

  • Drago vs. Hernandez

These two just plain don’t like each other. Whether it was intentional or not, Hernandez is a huge part of why Drago had to leave the Temple back on April 29 when he cost him the Lucha Underground title match against Prince Puma. Onto the match, Drago can’t go toe-to-toe with Hernandez, so he has to stick and move starting with a springboard dropkick. Running senton and a series of kicks keeps Hernandez on his backside. He tries another headscissors, but Hernandez will not go down and buckle bombs Drago. Hernandez works a neck vice and delivers a backbreaker on his shoulder. Inverted Powerslam by Hernandez gets two. Drago comes back with a couple running dropkicks in the corner and delivers a hurracanrana out of the corner for 1-2-NO! To the floor, Drago busts out a somersault plancha. Back on the apron, Drago shows off again with a springboard corkscrew senton. To make him pay, Hernandez gives Drago the BORDER TOSS onto the apron. To make things even worse, Hernandez grabs a fan at ringside and takes his leather belt off him. Vampiro – “That’s prison love, brother.” From there, Hernandez proceeds to whip and choke Drago with the belt until the ref finally DQ’s him. (6:44) Afterwards, Hernandez tells the dumbass fans that dragons aren’t real. If anybody has a problem with that, Hernandez will kick their ass too. HA. Nothing wrong with this, but it didn’t feel all that special. **½

Elsewhere, Catrina and Mil Muertes approach Chavo Guerrero to tell him to keep in mind that whoever holds the Lucha Underground title at Ultima Lucha will be destroyed. Chavo seems to hide his fear pretty well. Mil Muertes yells things.

  • Alberto El Patron vs. Marty the Moth

Marty borderline sexually harasses the ring announcer chick. She doesn’t seem into it either. Dario doesn’t like Marty so we’re told and puts the AAA Mega Champ up against him. Alberto is SUPER AGGRESSIVE here and taps out Marty to the CROSS ARMBREAKER in no time flat. (0:55) After the bell, El Patron calls out Johnny Mundo. He just wants to thank Mundo for putting him through Dario Cueto’s office window because that woke up his evil side. Alberto continues to threaten Mundo and the crowd eats it up. Well, I’m sold. But of course, you already knew that.

  • No-DQ Match: Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma (w/Konnan) vs. Chavo Guerrero (w/the Crew)

Just a reminder: if Konnan interferes, Puma loses the title. Before this really gets out of first gear, Chavo legitimately injures his leg. It looks like maybe a hamstring tear as Puma rolls off Chavo’s back. It just goes to show that it’s not always the crazy moves that cause injuries in wrestling. They go to plan B as the Crew do a number on Puma. The flying double stomp and DDT combo sets up the possible Frog Splash from Chavo. Konnan waves for someone to come make the save and it’s TEXANO. He cleans house on the Crew allowing Puma to nail the 630 SENTON on Chavo for the three-count. (4:56) Naturally, it makes you wonder where this would have headed if Chavo hadn’t got hurt. I would assume pretty much the same deal – only longer. Afterwards, Texano gets on the mic and tells Chavito that Mexico is coming for him. ½*

Back in the locker room, Blue Demon Jr. approaches Chavo. After Chavo tells Blue Demon Jr. that Texano got a bigger crowd reaction than he ever did, Chavo hints to Blue Demon Jr. that maybe Texano is Mexico and Blue Demon is just some has-been who lives in Miami. Well, that royally pisses off Blue Demon as he throws Chavo into the lockers. Blue Demon – “I AM MEXICO.” Once he storms off, Chavo has a big grin on his face realizing he really got under Blue Demon’s skin there.

Until next time, so long for now.

For all of the background relating to Lucha Underground and every show recap since the beginning of the program and MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE, please check out my website!


Ultima Lucha – the two-hour season finale of Lucha Underground – premieres August 5 only on the El Rey Network. Here is the card as it stands on July 1:

Lucha Underground Championship: Prince Puma (c) vs. Mil Muertes

Alberto El Patron vs. Johnny Mundo