Making Mt. Rushmore #1 – HBO Dramas & HBO Comedies

In the debut episode of Making Mt. Rushmore, moderator Andy Atherton is joined by panelists Scott Criscuolo, Tim Capel, Matt Souza & Jacob Williams first discuss which HBO dramas deserve a place as one of the four greatest of all-time. Will The Sopranos be a unanimous choice? Is Game of Thrones disappointing final season going affect whether or not it makes it? And will great shows like The Wire, Oz & Boardwalk Empire make the cut? And what dark horses could sneak in? After that, they discuss which comedies will be on that respective genres top grouping. Is Curb Your Enthusiasm a no-brainer? Does the award-winning Veep make it? How about the long running Sex In The City? And critically acclaimed The Larry Sanders Show? Will Entourage and Silicon Valley round it out?