Lucha Undead #31: Interview with JT Rozzero

Lucha Undead Main

This week Timothy is flying solo, but not to worry as he’s got a guest that needs no introduction. At times it feels like he’s even a host for that matter, as the one and only JT from the mother ship Place to Be podcast over on PTBN, plus the Dangerous Alliance Wrestling Podcast, and the new Headlines and Clotheslines show among so many other projects with PTBN. JT give the background and history of an ill-fated podcast or two. Dan McGinn is a topic of great discussion as Timothy has been obsessed with that character since he first heard his velvety tones. We also touch on JT’s childhood fascination with TV, wrestling, and music come up as that influenced not just JT’s pastimes but also his career and even the formation of PTBN. Follow JT on twitter @Place2BeNation and look for his articles on PTBN and also at PWO (as Bigelow34).

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