Laugh-In Theater #2 – History of the World Part 1 with Glenn Butler

In the second episode of Laugh-In Theater, host Andy Atherton is joined Glenn Butler (The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular) to do a live watch of the 1981 comedy, History of the World Part 1. The guys gush on about the greatness of the comedy of Mel Brooks as well as the stellar cast featuring Dom Deluise, Harvey Korman, Sid Caesar, Madeline Kahn, Gregory Hines and Cloris Leachman; the old style of humor from the early days of comedy you don’t see much of these days; which of the many sections of the movie is their favorite; the cavalcade of cameos; and of course, the endless number of quotable lines that have stuck with them over the years. So get ready for a history lesson you won’t soon forget.

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