JT’s Extreme Evolution: Reliving ECW – Hardcore TV 6/8/93

ECW Hardcore TV #10
Run Time: 45:02

Road Warrior Hawk vs. Samoan Warrior & Don E. Allen – DUD
16 Man Battle Royal – Pennsylvania State Title – *
Suicide Blondes vs. Glen Osbourne & Tommy Cairo – ECW Tag Team Titles – 3/4*
Don Muraco vs. Sandman – ECW Heavyweight Title – *1/4

Best Segment

Despite a lot happening, not much of it was well executed this week, so nothing truly stood out among the rest. That said, I will go with Tony Stetson turning on Larry Winters. I thought that it was well designed with the initial tussle during the battle royal and then the fake out before Stetson sealed the deal. I’ve enjoyed these guys as a team and was sad to see it end but it was the highlight of the show for me.

Best Performance

Paul E. Dangerously. Nobody else stood out at all and he was fantastic on commentary and at ringside in the main event. Shoutout to Tommy Cairo, who had a big night, but he didn’t really stand out in any way.

Biggest Surprise

I was shocked and saddened to see my boys Tony Stetson and Larry Winters bust apart here. I really enjoyed them as a fiery face team, wasn’t ready for them to come to an end. I was also surprised Tommy Cairo won the battle royal given all the names in it. And we also had the Super Destroyers turn on Hunter Q, I guess it was a week of surprises.

I Love the 90s

Hawk’s promo is pretty 1990… although maybe even more 80s; Eddie Gilbert’s giant glasses;

Additional Observations

We don’t even waste time with poor Stevie Wonderful this week, Paul E. is with Jay Sulli right out of the gate; They lay out the huge card that is in front of us; Big coup here as Road Warrior Hawk is on the scene and he chats with Tod Gordon, establishing himself as a face right away; Hawk needs “some fresh meat to beat”; Terry Funk is back in the house as well as we are getting into the real hard all for his huge Texas Chain grudge match with Eddie Gilbert on 6/19; Cool way to introduce Hawk as a badass, sticking him in a handicap match in his debut and then giving him Superfly Snuka next week; Nice continuity having Sandman and Rebel immediately eliminate themselves from the battle royal to brawl on the floor, keeping their feud hot; Paul E. talking about how much Hunter Q. Robinson likes the Suicide Blondes is interesting and could lead somewhere; Looks like we have a sad end to the Winters & Stetson team here, which upsets me; Tommy Cairo winning the PA Title was a shock to me; We got a lot more promos this week, including some backstage segments that we haven’t seen much of; THE MADMAN FROM THE BADLANDS; Busy night for Tommy Cairo here; Looks like Hunter Q is officially with the Blondes and I’m not sure if I like it; Hunter pays dividends right away but that match was a bit disappointing overall; Hunter then brings out a new third Suicide Blonde, Sir Richard Michaels; It was odd hearing the Super Ds talk as they were pissed at HQ; They really are doing a good job of selling the shit out of Summer Sizzler, it has been the full focus of the commentary and interviews; A ton happened on this show but nothing was really great, it was a tough one to judge

Enjoyment Power Rankings
1. Paul E. Dangerously (-)
2. Eddie Gilbert (-)
3. Jimmy Snuka (-)
4. Suicide Blondes (+2)
5. Stevie Wonderful (-)
6. Terry Funk (-2) 
7. Tony Stetson (-)

8. Don Muraco (-)
9. Hunter Q. Robbins (NR)
10. Peaches (-)

No Longer Ranked: Larry Winters

Top 10 Matches
1. Suicide Blondes vs. Larry Winters & Tony Stetson – 5/25/93 (**1/4)
2. J.T. Smith vs. Eddie Gilbert – 4/13/93 (**)
3. Super Destroyers vs. Larry Winters & Tony Stetson – 5/11/93 (**)
4. Suicide Blondes vs. J.T. Smith & Tommy Cairo – 4/27/93 (**)
5. Super Destroyers vs. Larry Winters & Tony Stetson – 5/4/93 (**)
6. J.T. Smith & Glen Osbourne vs. Eddie Gilbert & Don Muraco (*3/4)
7. Suicide Blondes vs. Tony Stetson & Larry Winters – 5/18/93 (*1/2)

8. Sandman vs. Rockin’ Rebel – 4/27/93 (*1/2)
9. Sandman vs. Don Muraco – ECW Heavyweight Title (*1/4)
10. Glen Osbourne vs. Johnny Hotbody – 4/13/93 (*1/4)

All Time Appearance Tracker
Jay Sulli
Stevie Wonderful
Tod Gordon
Eddie Gilbert
Terry Funk
Hunter Q. Robbins III
Super Destroyer #1
Super Destroyer #2
EZ Ryder
HD Ryder
Tommy Cairo
Salvatore Bellomo
Cosmic Commander
Johnny Hotbody
Tony “Hitman” Stetson
Rockin’ Rebel
Jimmy Snuka
Larry Winters
Ernesto Benefico
Glen Osbourne
Chris Michaels
Samoan Warrior
Kodiak Bear
Miss Peaches
J.T. Smith
Super Ninja
Greg Cody
Don Muraco
Chris Candido
ECW Hat Guy
Paul E. Dangerously
Max Thrasher
Canadian Wolfman
Road Warrior Hawk
Don E. Allen
Richard Michaels

Final Grade: 3.5/10 Paul E. Dangerously Cell Phones

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