Jonnie Sea and the Multiverse of Fabulousness #9: WWE LANTERN CORPS (11 Years Later)

Travel to Earth-2814 where Jonnie Sea (@TheJonnieSea) and Jennifer Smith (@JennyPosition) unite to spread the LIGHT!

In 2011, jumped into bed with DC Comics to select superstars for their very own LANTERN CORPS! Jonnie and Jenny are here to not only analyze the archived WWE lists, but also to chose their own roster of Lantern Corps Leaders! Who will wield the Yellow Light of Fear? Can anyone master the illusive Indigo light of Compassion? Will they both cop out and just pick The Undertaker for the Black Light of Death? Why are the ladies so powerful with the ULTRAVIOLET light?

Plus, Dashing Cody Rhodes vs Face Fear! The Cruiserweight Lanterns!  Lockout Stats! Intergender Wrestling! Compassionate John Morrison? The Madness of Love! Aquaman and Peacemaker hit the road and SO much more…