It Was a Thing on TV Twin Pack: Episodes 229 & 230 – The BCS on FOX/One in a Million

Bowl season may be over but we’re covering the cab fare in these two installments of It Was a Thing on TV. 

First, remember when FOX started airing college football games and took both a pro approach (in its personnel in front of the camera) and an amateur approach (with every other aspect)?  We do.  We’re near the end of the bowl season and look back at a tumultuous 4 years of BCS coverage on the network. 

Then, we’ve seen it before–a star almost immediately gets a new show after the end of a popular show.  Shirley Hemphill of What’s Happening! was in just this position after the end of that show.  She rebounded with One in a Million with podcast favorites Richard Paul and Carl Ballantine for all of 13 episodes. 

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1:14 – The BCS on FOX

1:22:29 – The Jenny Position Commercial

1:23:34 – One in a Million