It Was a Thing on TV Twin Pack: Episodes 217 & 218 – Thanksgiving ‘85: Macy‘s ‘85 Parade (Director‘s Cut)/All-American ‘85 Parade on CBS

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving but we’re providing some leftovers from Thanksgiving’s past as Greg, Mike and Chico look at the Thanksgiving Day Parades from 1985. 

First, we do our annual look at the Macy’s Parade.  As always, we have bands, floats, and celebrities, but there was a little something extra as a postscript to this parade.  It’ll make you yell “Oh neat!”  Just remember, the Paramus Toys’R’Us store is closed on Sundays. 

Then, NBC wasn’t the only network showing a parade on Thanksgiving 1985.  CBS brought us parts of 5 different parades in its All-American Thanksgiving Parade, with TV stars in American locales including New York City, Detroit, Philadelphia, Hawaii, and…Toronto?!  Each location had its own style, and some parades put more energy and creativity into their work than others. 

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Timestamps: 0:30 – ’85 Macy’s Parade

2:03:43 – Classic Commercial Break

2:07:16 – All-American ’85 Parade on CBS