It Was a Thing on TV Twin Pack: Episodes 161 & 162: Doctor Who (1996 FOX TV Movie)/At Last the 1948 Show

This Week on It Was a Thing on TV the gang goes across the pond to look at a pair of topics related to two staples of British TV. 

First, in 1996 Whovians got some closure seven years after the end of the original series in the form of the Seventh Doctor regenerating into the Eighth Doctor, whose lifespan was, more or less, this movie (minus Big Finish Productions).  The ratings weren’t that great, a revival was passed upon, and the franchise would be dormant for another nine years. 

After that, we’re going way back with this one, but it’s a goodie.  At Last the 1948 Show only ran for two series, but it was a primitive version of one of television’s classic comedy sketch shows, one Monty Python’s Flying Circus

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