It Was a Thing on TV Twin Pack: Episodes 138 & 139 – The Powers of Matthew Star/To Tell The Truth ‘80

This week’s drop on It Was a Thing on TV has it all from Dick Clark to Louis Gossett Jr. to Larry King and to ….. Tommy Heinsohn? WHAT? We explain it all as we discuss this week’s topics of Obscure TV. 

First, we start with the short lived NBC Sci-Fi show “The Powers of Matthew Star” This show tried to be something at first, but then the format changed halfway through its only season.  Apparently the only power Matthew Star had was to become a footnote in history. But hey, at least we got Louis Gossett Jr. on this show. 

Then, To Tell the Truth is seemingly eternal, having been on television every decade since the 1950s.  We look at the 80s version, which didn’t last long despite some quality central characters and visits from numerous old friends on the panel.  We also make a plea for Betty White to get on a game show before she turns 100. 

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