It Was A Thing on TV Tripleheader (Episodes# 60-62): Maury Episode Titles, Primetime begins at 7:30, & Love, Sidney

This week the lie detector determined you’ll love this week’s episodes on It Was A Thing on TV here at Place to be Nation POP.

First, what was Greg’s dive down a rabbit hole after recording a few months ago became this very experimental episode. The Maury staff sure comes up with different ways to describe their DNA and lie detector shows.

Next, in the Fall 1987 television season, NBC tried starting primetime half an hour earlier than normal. The results were generally bad sitcoms and reverting to an 8 PM start time for primetime starting in Fall 1988. We look at why this block failed and Mike talks about a personal connection with someone from one of the five comedies from this block.

Finally, it seems Tony Randall was known for two shows–first and foremost, The Odd Couple, and then Love, Sidney. We make the case that it was mishandled from the start by NBC but also that some subject matter might have been material not designed for an early 80s home audience.

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