It Was a Thing on TV Tripleheader: Episodes 203 & 204 + Minisode 13 – American Gladiators Knockoffs/MLB v. celebs softball from ‘67/Turn-On

This week It Was a Thing on TV brings to you plenty of competition along with a short look at one of the biggest bombs in TV history. 

First, recently, word came out that American Gladiators is being rebooted…again.  By coincidence, we had this show slotted for this week in our schedule.  We talk about 4 shows which tried riding the coattails of the Gladiators–Knights and WarriorsBlade WarriorsBattledome, and Wild West Showdown

Next, we go to the ballpark, as some of 1967’s brightest Major League Baseball players went against celebrities back in the day on the softball diamond, with some very special celebrities handling the duties behind the mic and two legends acting as managers. 

Finally, Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In was TV’s most popular show in 1969.  The people behind it tried capitalizing on its popularity with a related show called Turn-On.  There were instant regrets, as ABC turned it off before the first episode aired in full. 

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