It Was A Thing on TV Tripleheader (Episode #81, Minisode 1 & Episode 82): Tribute to Regis/Taskmaster (US)/Blind Justice

This week on It Was A Thing on TV we pour one out for Regis while Mike laments about a short lived American version of a popular British show and Greg wonders what Steven Bochco was thinking in 2005.

First, in episode 80, while we were recording that episode, word broke that Regis Philbin passed away.  We felt we should honor the television legend both by looking back at one of his more forgettable shows, The Neighbors, but also by offering up our memories and favorite Regis moments, including Regis on Password Plus with someone from a previous entry.

Next, earlier this month the CW aired the amazing British version of Taskmaster. It wasn’t the first appearance of the creative competition show.  Comedy Central had a series of 8 episodes in 2018 which quickly disappeared.  If it’s so good, what happened?

Finally, back in 2005 ABC was breaking new ground with Desperate Housewives and Lost. Another show in the mix which absolutely bombed was the Steven Bochco police procedural Blind Justice.  This is the first show where all three of us gave up on it.  It’s that bad.

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Seriously folks Blind Justice is really bad.