It Was a Thing on TV Triple Header (Episodes #12, 13 & 14): “Hello, Larry”, The Tommy Westphal Universe & “Supertrain”

In this week’s triad of episodes on “It Was a Thing on TV” the gang looks two of the most notorious shows in TV history along with a look inside the snowglobe of Chad Allen. First, the guys look into the Alder family as they say “Hello, Larry.” Was it as bad as the critics made it sound? Can they find anything redeeming about one of the worst shows ever? Just remember, Portland is a long way from L.A. Then Mike, Greg and Chico look into what the Tommy Westphal Universe entails, some of the weird connections of many include a fictional brand of cigarettes, and they discover a plethora of new entries. And then ABC had one of its big shows in the 70’s at sea. NBC tried to duplicate that popularity on rails. It ended up being regarded as one of the worst shows in TV history, almost bankrupting NBC. Hop aboard as we delve into “Supertrain,” including music cues which were recycled years later.

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