It Was a Thing on TV Presents

It Was a Thing on TV has recently had real life take a turn on us over the last week. Our co-host Mike had a serious issue that sent him to the hospital recently. Myself (Greg) and Chico talk about what’s going on at the time we recorded this (last Friday). While we are trying to figure everything out in terms of a recording and release schedule for what’s already in the can (Episodes 99, 100 and 101 are already recorded and need to be edited) we decided to give you folks at PTBN Pop some content this week. Me and Chico discuss recent issues relating to the Pandemic, movie theater closings, David Spade, The Drew Barrymore Show, Tom Green pranks, Power Rangers and Super Sentai and of course The Fly. A GoFundMe has been set up for Mike if you want to donate to pay for his hospital bills. 

We’ll be back here next week on PTBN Pop and have a safe week everybody.