It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 477 & 478 – The Girl With Something Extra/That Puppet Game Show

This week on It Was a Thing on TV 

First, in the past, we have talked about the ESP fad in the 60s through the early 80s.  A 1973 comedy used the sixth sense as a premise, one that was used less as time went on, turning the show into just another TV show.  Despite two great leads, The Girl with Something Extra was not a show with anything out of the ordinary.

Then, the Brits seem to try just about anything when it comes to game shows.  Case in point, this entry from just over a decade ago, a primetime endeavor which combined game show elements with Henson Alternative puppets.  The end result was That Puppet Game Show, which ran for only 8 episodes.  Even though it aired overseas, listeners on the other side of “the pond” can watch it on a semi-frequent basis.

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0:36 – The Girl With Something Extra

1:02:29 – This Week in Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour History (6-4-84/6-8-84)

1:04:44 – The Joey Gallo Update

1:07:21 – Mid-Show Break (Mike’s Additions to the Who Killed WCW Live Show last week/Greg’s Update from The Virtual Ed Sullivan Show Episode)

1:13:48 – That Puppet Game Show