It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 399 & 400 – Salvage 1/Tequila and Bonetti

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we celebrate our 400th episode of the podcast!

First, in Episode 399, the late 70s experienced a sci-fi kick in theaters and on television.  Someone had the idea to create a show which crossed science fiction with Sanford and Son, somewhat.  Salvage 1 was about a crew who went to the moon to bring lunar junk back to Earth, but they did everything but that.  What was Andy Griffith thinking?

Then, we have reached Episode 400!  This time, we’re talking about a show whose formula worked in theaters as Turner and Hooch, but the dog can talk?!  And Italy enjoyed this so much, they revived it in 2000?!?!

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0:36 – Salvage 1

56:19 – Intermission (The Joey Gallo Update)

59:08 – Tequila and Bonetti