It Was a Thing On TV – Episodes 357, 358, & 359 – Two of a Kind/Uncle Croc’s Block/A Very Special Episode of Dinosaurs

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we teach you many life lessons in this very special compilation.

First, three years after the end of Full House and nearing the end of the original TGIF lineup, ABC brought back The Olsen Twins as tweens in this one-season vehicle, whose legacy lasted well beyond its one year.

Then, did you ever notice some people have some shows essentially omitted from their resumes?  We had never heard about Charles Nelson Reilly on Uncle Croc’s Block until Mike went down a rabbit hole one night.  And after seeing this and its associated cartoons, you can’t blame CNR from forgetting this misstep.

Finally, we watch a very special episode that we have referred to on and off throughout the podcast.  Find out why drugs are bad when Robbie gets hooked on thornoids on Dinosaurs. Remember you can’t say steroids Friday nights on ABC in 1993.

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0:36 – Two of a Kind

1:07:41 – Uncle Croc’s Block

1:49:56 – The episode of Dinosaurs where Robbie got jacked on steroids