It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 343 & 344 – Lotsa Luck!/Free Spirit

This week on It Was a Thing on TV a witch becomes our nanny while hilarity ensues with Dom DeLuise.

First, A comedy starring Dom DeLuise and created, in part, by Carl Reiner?  Sounds like a winner to us!  But it’s going up against a strong police procedural and a stalwart from the early days of television?  All we say is Lotsa Luck!

Then, Free Spirit got its first exposure on the premiere of the TGIF block.  It was then placed on another night, where it was replaced by a show which has been on for over 30 years.  Was this show with a witch cursed?  Possibly.  But it gave us one of our favorites, Alyson Hannigan.

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0:30 – Lotsa Luck!

1:13:58 – Free Spirit