It Was a Thing on TV – Episodes 337, 338, & 339 – 1/3/83 in Games Shows/Hey! Spring of Trivia/Scorch

This week on It Was a Thing on TV, we present to you our first three episodes to start the new year in 2023!

First, 40 years ago on 1/3/83, there were four landmark events on daytime television in a two-hour span.  Three game shows (Sale of the Century, Hit Man, and Just Men!) premiered and what is undoubtedly The Price is Right’s most famous pricing game, Plinko, debuted.

Next, January 4 was National Trivia Day.  In honor of the event, we look at a Japanese show which made the translation to American television about weird and wonderful trivia.  Give a listen to Hey! Spring of Trivia and there may be some melon bread in it for you, and the melon bread is shaped like a brain.

Finally, there have been a variety of shows with puppets which have been successful–The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, ALF, Thunderbirds, and Fraggle Rock, to name a few.  CBS tried their hand with a puppet-centric show with Scorch, about a dragon who slept for 100 years before waking up in 1992 Connecticut.

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1:33 – January 3, 1983 in Game Shows

1:19:45 – Hey! Spring of Triviai

1:52:09 – Scorch