It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 313 & 314 – The Brady Brides/Beyond Westworld

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we discuss the story of Carol Brady’s two very lovely girls getting married while trying to escape killer robots.

First, it’s the early 1980s and the Brady kids have grown up and are ready to begin adulthood.  Two of the Brady daughters got married, the couples moved in together, and Alice joined them for some reason.  Typical Sherwood Schwartz hilarity ensued…briefly.

Then, after Westworld, the movie but before Westworld, the HBO series, there was a very brief TV series titled Beyond Westworld.  In 1980, CBS attempted to continue the story of robots gone amok, the agents hired to stop them, and their creator from taking over the world.

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0:30 – The Brady Brides

46:36 – Beyond Westworld