It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 309 & 310 – Half Nelson/Whew! Revisited

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we got a mostly forgotten show starring one of the Wet Bandits and we revisit a subject all the way back in Episode 31.

First, NBC might have made a big comeback in the mid-1980s, but there was one huge weakness for them–Friday nights at 9 PM against shows like Benson and Dallas.  Half Nelson was another Friday at 9 victim, succumbing after a month and a half.  But it had a lot of big names!

Then, Our 4th show revisited is a show that was beloved among fans for decades, which unexpectedly turned up on BUZZR in 2021.  Before then, roughly 15 episodes were available.  We felt we needed to revisit this classic since we now know much more about Whew!

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0:30 – Half Nelson

44:22 – Whew! Revisited