It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 307, 308, and Minisode 21- BUZZR Lost and Found/SNL Funny Cars

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we look at a pair of forgotten game shows along with crazy shenanigans with funny cars and monster trucks.

First, usually around this time of the year BUZZR would air their “Lost and Found” marathon except they aren’t doing it seems. Whatever, we’ll have our own version! (with blackjack and hookers!) The week starts with a show from the 1950s, hosted by podcast favorite Tom Poston.  Split Personality didn’t last long, though it technically aired in the 50s and 60s.

Next, as we’ve said many times, NBC in 1979 was desperate for anything that would draw eyes.  Mindreaders was helmed by a former primetime personality, trying to capitalize on an ESP craze at the time.  If only the people behind this show had ESP and could see this show not lasting all that long…

Finally, Saturday Night Live starts it’s 48th season on NBC. In this special minisode we look back at a weird commercial parody making fun of monster truck shows where those boring funny cars turn out in the ad to be sentient beings able to achieve perpetual motion. Sadly those monster trucks are not amused by what these funny cars manage to accomplish.

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Seriously, that spoon truck by Yuri Gellar sucks.


0:30 – Split Personality

41:55 – Mindreaders

1:15:01 – SNL Funny Cars at Worcester Centrum