It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 297 & 298 – The CBS Friday Night Block Party/Hometown Commercials, Volume 3

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we look at CBS’ attempt to dismantle TGIF and bring to you our third edition of Hometown Commercials.

First, In 1997, CBS took the bold steps of putting together a 2-hour comedy block on Friday nights versus ABC’s TGIF, and even took two of TGIF’s stalwarts in the process.  The two former TGIF shows were on its last legs.  We’re here to talk about the two original shows to the Block Party–Meego and The Gregory Hines Show.

Then, on episode 98, we gave you Hometown Commercials. On episode 202, we gave you a second helping.  They’re back for 298, more of the local commercials that are so bad, they’re good. In the third edition we are introduced to new favorites including a man who sells gold, another lawyer, a taxidermist and a guy who wants to get serious about selling you windows.

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1:29 – The CBS Friday Night Block Party (Meego//The Gregory Hines Show)

1:11:14 – Classic Commercial Break

1:14:23 – Hometown Commercials, Volume 3