It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 295 and 296 + Minisode 20 – Shasta McNasty/Uh Oh!/George Peppard’s rant on Password Plus

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we look at a show from UPN, a Canadian kids game show and a legendary rant by Hannibal Smith.

First, UPN tried throwing almost anything on their schedule in the late 90s.  Shasta McNasty is no exception.  It was so bad that the title was cut in half to just Shasta during the show’s run.  Even cross-promotions with WWF Smackdown couldn’t lure viewers. This was basically the most 1999 TV show that ever 1999’d.

Next, in honor of Susan St. James’ birthday, we mark the occasion the only way we know how–by utilizing a running gag on this show.  Uh Oh! was a Canadian game show for kids, despite an antagonist who looks like he should be running a sex dungeon.  A kid’s show with who appears to be a dungeon master ran for six seasons in Canada!

Finally, In 1979, early on in Password Plus’ run, George Peppard made an appearance as a celebrity player.  On the first show, Peppard put his foot in his mouth, while ranting about forms NBC (and presumably other networks) had people sign.  As a result, Peppard never played another game.

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0:57 – Shasta McNasty

1:16:15 – Uh Oh!

1:51:34 – George Peppard’s rant on Password Plus