It Was a Thing on TV – Episodes 293 & 294 – A League of Their Own (1993)/Marblehead Manor

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we look at an adaptation of a popular movie that was made before the current adaptation of a popular movie while living in high society.

First, in honor of the “A League of Their Own” Amazon Prime series, this episode takes a look at the “blink and you’ll miss it” television version of one of the breakout movie hits of 1992. This version had a handful of characters reprising their roles in one-off appearances and its TV fate may have been set in stone by a certain organization.

Then, in episode 61, we talked about the season when NBC owned and operated stations had primetime starting at 7:30.  We talked about one of those 5 shows, We Got it Made, in episode 66.  Another show from that experiment is this show’s focus.  Marblehead Manor follows the antics of a wealthy family and their staff at their palatial residence.

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0:30 – A League of Their Own (1993)

31:55 – Classic Commercial Break

35:11 – Marblehead Manor