It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 281 & 282 – Lady Blue/Gary Busey, Pet Judge

This week on It Was a Thing on TV, we go on the streets in search of justice no matter what the species!

First, it’s another police procedural from the 80s, but this one’s different; it has a female lead.  And a very big gun.  And she wasn’t afraid to use it.  Lady Blue was one of the most violent shows on TV at that time.  Alas, it ran for 14 episodes amongst tough competition.

Then, early in COVID times, a lot of odd shows came down the pipe to entertain audiences stuck at home.  Gary Busey, Pet Judge was one of them.  Take fake court cases, presided by a fake judge, complete with fake plaintiffs and defendants, and throw in an obviously fake court reporter and…hilarity ensues?

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0:30 – Lady Blue

1:03:28 – Classic Commercial Break

1:07:32 – Gary Busey, Pet Judge