It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 279 & 280 – Street Hawk/Women in Prison

This week on It Was a Thing on TV, we go on the streets with our motorcycle while looking at the prison system.

First, in 1985, NBC has a little show called Knight Rider and CBS has Airwolf, while ABC has neither.  Give an LAPD cop a high-powered motorcycle during his time off-the-clock and he’s ABC’s response–Street Hawk, another show that was more popular overseas than domestically.

Then, FOX was the newcomer on the block in 1987, specifically when it came to primetime programming.  They threw a lot of stuff against the wall, to see if much stuck.  Women in Prison was one such program that just didn’t click.  But that theme song!

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0:30 – Street Hawk

1:08:14 – Classic Commercial Break

1:11:56 – Women in Prison