It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 275 & 276 – Second Chance (1977)/The WTF Prizes of Press Your Luck

This week, we pay tribute to our friend The Whammy as we talk about Press Your Luck.

To start, we look at the OG version, 6 years before the popular 80s version.  Second Chance had no whammies, had a boring board, had a weird question structure, and lasted a little over 4 months in 1977 on ABC.

Then, Greg and Mike talk about some of the oddball prizes from all versions of Press Your Luck, including the current version, Whammy!, and the one-off Game Show Marathon episode.

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0:10 – Intro to Episode 275

1:00 – Second Chance (1977)

40:24 – Intro to Episode 276

41:05 – The WTF Prizes of Press Your Luck