“It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 272, 273 & 274 – The Famous Teddy Z/Here’s Boomer/The Noid

This week, Greg cashes in his Money in the Bank and we meet a cute little dog while trying to get our pizzas in 30 minutes or less.

First, a very young Jon Cryer plays the titular character in this show, as someone who goes from working in a mail room to being a big-time agent as Greg plays his Money in the Bank for his birthday.

Next, NBC is on a slow rebound in 1980, after all the catastrophes we have talked about during 1979.  The powers that be decided imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, creating their own show similar to the Benji franchise from that era.  Here’s Boomer was an anthology about a dog crossing the country, helping people in need.  While very family-friendly, the show didn’t get enough eyes to see this show.

Finally, in the mid-80s, the pizza wars fueled up between primarily Pizza Hut and Domino’s.  Pizza Hut had a successful campaign aimed at students, with the Book It! project.  Domino’s promoted fast and hot delivery, and incorporated a Claymation spokesfiend named The Noid.

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1:06 – The Famous Teddy Z

1:37:45 – Computer Voice Lady Intro to Episode 273

1:38:17 – Here’s Boomer

2:49:46 – Computer Voice Lady Intro to Episode 274

2:50:24 – The Noid