It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 269, 270 & 271 РSchuckapalooza РHolmes and Yoyo/The Munster Today/Turnabout

This week, we’re having our own Schuckapalooza, covering three series starring underrated character actor John Schuck. First, we start with Schuck playing a robotic police officer in the 13-week wonder Holmes and Yoyo.

Next, Schuckapalooza forges on with this reboot of a 1960s classic with our hero this week playing Herman Munster, a role made famous by Fred Gwynne. In this sequel series, the Munster family wakes up from a 22-year sleep and has to mostly deal with Grandpa’s crappy inventions.

Finally, Schuckapalooza ends with one of the most forgettable shows we have ever covered.  Despite very little video available, Turnabout is one of the most painful series we have recapped, from the awkward premise to story lines which are ridiculous and even somewhat sexist.  John Schuck and Sharon Gless deserved so much better.

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0:50 – Holmes and Yoyo

47:58 – Classic Commercial Break

50:41 – The Munsters Today

2:19:16 – Computer Voice Lady Intro to Episode 271

2:19:36 – Turnabout