It Was a Thing on TV: Episodes 243, 244 & Live Show 13 – Life With Lucy/Joe Schmo 2/Cool Runnings

This week we present a special mega drop of It Was a Thing on TV here on PTBN POP. 

First, without question, Lucille Ball is a legend.  Unfortunately, even legends make missteps.  Life with Lucy in 1986 was Lucy’s misstep.  Thirteen episodes were shot and only eight aired. In this episode, we look at the reasons why this misfired, was it because ABC was that desperate for a hit? was it because audiences were weary of Lucy’s physical comedy at her age? was it because the executives were afraid to say no to Lucy? On a lighter note, enjoy our discussion of a Pre-Life Goes On Kelle Martin on Card Sharks in 1986. 

Next, back 219 episodes ago (episode 25, if you can’t do the math), we talked about the original reality show with one contestant and everything was created with him in mind.  Now on episode 244, we’re talking about the sequel with new actors, twice the Schmoes, and a falcon. 

Finally, back during the Winter Olympics, Greg and Chico did a special livewatch on Stream Lounge of the Disney classic Cool Runnings. Sync your stream on Disney+ after Greg finishes the five second countdown. 


0:30 – Life with Lucy

1:07:19 – The Jenny Position Commercial

1:08:26 – Joe Schmo

22:40:57 – Cool Runnings Live Show