It Was a Thing on TV: Episode 451, Minisode 30, & Episode 452 – Where’s Huddles?/Catching Kelce/The Commercials of Super Bowl XXXIV

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we get ready for Super Sunday.

First in Episode 451, in a similar spirit to The Flintstones and The Jetsons, Hanna/Barbera created a cartoon about the work and home lives of a family.  This time, as you’d expect this week, the husband was a quarterback on a football team.  Where’s Huddles? aired in Summer 1970, then in non-primetime reruns the following year.

Then in Minisode 30, before two victories in “The Big Game”, before almost all of his Pro Bowl nominations, and before his current squeeze (you know who), Travis Kelce looked for love on a reality program.  Catching Kelce didn’t catch on with viewers and neither did Kelce’s catch on the series.  What would Taylor say?

Finally in Episode 452, the 2000 edition of “Super Sunday” pitted the St. Louis Rams and the Tennessee Titans in the first Super Bowl of the new millennium. TV viewers were treated in-between action with commercials for Budweiser, trucks, and many dot-com companies! Most of which came and went less than a year following the game. We’ll go over some of them in this episode.

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0:11 – Carl Weathers Tribute Cold Open

1:49 – Where’s Huddles?

43:53 – This Week in Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour History (2/6/84-2/10/84)

48:26 – Catching Kelce

1:02:58 – The Commercials of Super Bowl XXXIV