It Was a Thing on TV: Episode 393 & Live Show 39 – Tales of the Gold Monkey/Dorf on the Diamond

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we look at a gold monkey and talk about Dorf.

First, now in theaters is the fifth and final outing of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. In 1982, ABC aired a show similar to *BUT* legally distinct from Raiders of the Lost Ark and it came from TV legend Donald Bellisario. It had action and excitement but could it capitalize on the adventure fever of Raiders? Weeeeeellllllllllllllllll, you’ll have to listen to find out.

Then, because we are on the summer schedule, we thought it was time to give you one of our backlogged live shows that we haven’t had time to post here on PTBN POP.

Before Opening Day, Greg, Mike, and Chico sat down to watch Tim Conway as that famous character from 1990’s VHS commercials “Dorf” show how he does things on the diamond. Does hilarity ensue? Meh.

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0:36 – Tales of the Gold Monkey

1:14:27 – Dorf on the Diamond