It Was A Thing On TV: Episode 240 & Live Show 12 – The Other Super Bowl Commercials Darryl Isaacs/Peacemaker Premiere

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we see the return of The Hammer and watch an invisible man play Superhero. 

First, in Hometown Commercials Volume 1 back in Episode 98, we featured some ads from Kentucky attorney Darryl Isaacs.  We thought so much of them that we are dedicating an entire episode to “The Kentucky Hammer.” This time we showcase the best of his Super Bowl commercials from years past including a special celebrity cameo from a football icon. 

Then, Greg and Chico watch the premiere episode of the HBO Max show “Peacemaker” from the twisted mind of James Gunn and starring an invisible man. In the first episode, Peacemaker is fresh off his mission in “The Suicide Squad” where he has to deal with his father, Amanda Waller’s squad, Vigilante’s voicemails and a crazy lady who he hooked up with at a bar.

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2:26 – The Other Super Bowl Commercials of Darryl Isaacs

31:17 – The Jenny Position Commercial

32:21 – Peacemaker Premiere