Hot Rod Highlights: Remembering Roddy

ghhk_crop_340x234This past Friday the world lost a man who’s nickname defined him more than any other professional wrestler in history.  “Rowdy” Roddy Piper was known world wide in and out of the wrestling business as a man who feared no one and spoke his mind like no one else. He made people smile, he made people cry, he drew blood, he drew money, but most importantly he was respected by fans and his peers. Whether you were cheering or booing him, when Roddy spoke you listened. 

In honor of Roddy Piper, let’s take a look back at some of the moments that made us go on an emotional rollercoaster for almost 40 years.

WWE Network Hot Rod Highlights
vs Greg Valentine (Dog Collar Match) – Starrcade 1983
vs Adrian Adonis – WrestleMania III
vs Bad News Brown – WrestleMania VI
vs Bret Hart – WrestleMania VIII
vs Goldust – WrestleMania XII
vs Bruno Sammartino – Boston Garden 12/85
vs Hulk Hogan – The Wrestling Classic
vs Ric Flair – MSG 10/91
vs Ted DiBiase – MSG 4/91
with Bob Orton vs Jimmy Snuka and The Tonga Kid – MSG
Piper’s Pit with Jimmy Snuka
Piper’s Pit with Mr. T
Roddy’s Rowdies vs Rude’s Brood – Survivor Series 1989
vs The Mountie – Royal Rumle 1992

Other Hot Rod Highlights