Highway to the Impact Zone #35

Place To Be Nation… Welcome back and join us once again on the Highway to the Impact Zone. Join host Logan Crosland and his cohost and now grad student Jacob Williams, as they are joined by TNA expert, Matt Souza. In this episode they begin the second part of their journey by live watching Impact episode from April 29, May 6th, and May 13th.

They discuss topics such as: The Fallout from Lockdown, Lack of Editing of Announcers Still Not Fully Believing Candido’s Injury, Shocker’s Lego Hair, Tenay’s Break Away Suit, Heavy Use of Guillotine and Tito Ortiz Packages, Outlaw’s Odd Trunk Choice and Actually Shockingly Good Performances, Dusty and His Long Table, The Naturals Title Win (Shawn Quit For A Reason), Don West’s Giant Shirt, TNA Themes Songs and Their Mostly Shittiness, Konnan Continues Sucking, Brutal Chair Shots, Randomly Paired Couples, Weird Teacher Names, Hardy’s Dirtiness, Hoyt-A-Mania, Convoluted X Division 4 Way, AJ Training at Shipping Container Yard, Sabin’s Ridiculous Toothache Bandage, Hot Gauntlet, and much much more!

Listen and join us on this wild ride through Total Nonstop Action.